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Leslie Magidow  
AMFT 130794

I was diagnosed with ADD in 1969. I am the Parent to children with ADHD, so I understand how this works and feels from both sides. As a child the one thing I remember bothering me the most, was when an adult would say "I know how you feel". ADHD feels different to each person but the feeling of inadequacy and low self-esteem follows most people with ADHD.


As a parent to ADHD twins I learned about the accommodations that they were entitled to, how to work with the school and the district to advocate for their needs. School is hard for an ADHD child, but getting home and needing to get homework done is hard on the parents and family and can take hours of nagging. I know because I was the one nagging.


Being an adult with ADHD has been a challenge, but over the years I have learned many skills that I would love to share with other adults who are trying live life with ADHD. As hard as life can be with ADHD, it can be easier, with skills that you can learn.


I decided to open In Your Corner, because I was looking for someone to help coach the twins and there was no one in our community to help me . I want to help kids and families in the way I wanted to be helped. I have taken many professional courses to prepare me to work with children and adults with ADHD, and all the other things that come with it, such as depression and anxiety. I have been trained and have real life experience to help you and your family have a calmer home life, and create academic success.

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